Arthur Henson

Full Name:

Arthur W. Henson



Hair Color:

Dark Brown

Eye Color:





Devil's Pit CEO


Unnamed wife



Assuming you don't want to lose your job, you'd be better off taking care of your own shit and do as you're told. Oh, and another thing - please shut the fuck up, already, now will ya?! I'm already sick as it is of your crying about how I'm 'exploiting' your oh-so-poor husband.

- Henson to Jean after her interference in some discussions regarding JP.

Arthur Henson is a supporting character of the novel Silent Hill: Chains of Delusion and the CEO of Devil's Pit.


Henson is known to be a mulish perfectionist - if things go differently than originally planned, he is often seen losing his temper and mostly vents his anger on his employees. If seen in public, he mostly plays the kindhearted, knowing man who cares for people's feelings and thoughts, but if one gets to know him better, he drops the pretense and it's obvious that the only thing he really cares about, is the perfect performance of his business.

Silent Hill: Chains of DelusionEdit

He actually only shows up a few times and is more mentioned in discussions or flashbacks. It is revealed, that he actually was quite enthusiastic in the beginning, specially when Jean showed up at Devil's Pit for the first time and offered her help regarding the local tourist newspaper, so that he was tempted to employ her as a tour guide later on. With the years he started to treat her with more and more reluctance, specially when it was revealed that she was in a relationship with JP. He stated that this relationship wasn't more than a distraction from their actual work.

Henson isn't very popular among his employees anyway, still, most of them are scared to complain about his behaviour and accept it.


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