• Somarinoa

    No More Silent Hills

    April 29, 2015 by Somarinoa

    I don't know about all of you, but I find myself extremely disappointed at Konami for cancelling Silent Hills. Sure, Kojima left, and that is awful. But that doesn't excuse just cancelling a game. It's the exact same mistake Capcom made with Mega Man when Inafune left, which led to my no longer buying Capcom products (then again, Mega Man was always my flagship Capcom game to follow as I stopped playing Resident Evil when it stopped being survival horror and the only other series I followed semi-religiously was Breath of Fire, which isn't made anymore either). Of course, Silent Hill is the only Konami series I follow anymore (only played the 2D Castlevania games and other series I played by them again, aren't made anymore).

    While they state that th…

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  • HaroldTuazon

    Silent Hill fan game

    November 15, 2014 by HaroldTuazon

    I am going to make a silent hill fan game based on one of my fan fictions, it will take me a while but it'll soon be finished. Im choosing between Silent Hill: The Stranger and Memories of the dead. Although Memories of the dead isn't finished yet, I might continue it in the game. If I do The Stranger, there's going to be lot of changes in the game's story. So, what do you guys think I should pick?

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  • Caitlin.rivera.1654

    Hi! This is obviosly my first blog. I've been a fan of Silent Hill since I was, I think, 7 and I pretty much created my own character. But I'm not sure if she sounds good.

    ~Traits to: Katherine Goldbridge~

    Pos. : Brave; Quiet; Sneaky; Fast Thinker; Kind-Hearted.
    Neg. : none.
    Likes: Usage of melee wepons; Being alone.
    Dislikes: Groups of followers(for the possibility of getting them killed); Usage of fire-arms; Big crowds.
    Age: 33

    ~Backround (in bullet points)~

    • Both parents killed in a car accident at the age of 6, leaving her an orphane.
    • Was trapped in two burning building, trying to save others.
    • Didn't really have as much friends.

    ~Appearance (in bullet points)~

    • Short, brown, frizzy hair.
    • Haight: 5' 9".
    • Weight: 112 lbs.
    • Third-degree burns on both arms, …

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  • HaroldTuazon

    This coming week, i'll be back with a new Silent Hill fanfic, also im going to remake Silent Hill: The Stranger, i'ts going to have some improvements and big changes, but the story will stay the same. Also, im going to continue my other abandoned SH fanfics...

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  • Somarinoa

    Evil Twin

    March 15, 2014 by Somarinoa

    I noticed this morning that I had an email in my inbox offering me a temporary code for having forgotten my wiki password. The thing is, it isn't something I would forget. This means someone, somewhere is apparently attempting to hack into my account. I wanted to inform the community in case I do anything out of the ordinary. At the same time, however, my computer finally kicked the bucket a couple days ago, and this means I will be doing all of my editing either from my phone (which sucks for editing and will likely only be on my user pages) and the work computer (which I can make larger edits but is more risky and will still not allow image uploads of any sort). So if I am somehow making major edits in the next couple days, it ought to b…

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  • Skyseed

    fanfic ideas

    November 25, 2013 by Skyseed

    Hey everyone! First of all, I've been a Silent Hill fan since 2003 and this series has become a great part of my life, but the latest releases really dissapointed me and I'm still on wait for getting a game that worths receiving the "Silent Hill" title, and I know I'm not the only fan who feels this way.

    Since the beginning of the year, I've been thinking about writing a story good enough to catch the attention of other Silent Hill fans, and i've been gathering enough information and knowledge to please all the readers who value a good survivor horror story and I've already set some of the main points that will be important for the story's development, and receiving some feedback/sugestions from you guys would be great. Here we go:

    • The setti…
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  • HaroldTuazon


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  • HaroldTuazon


    June 15, 2013 by HaroldTuazon

    Hey, anybody there?

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  • Tensacrigetsu789

    I'm finally getting the hang of editing in this wikia and i think i can increase the pages in this wiki since i still have so many characters and monsters that i didn't create yet.

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  • Tensacrigetsu789

    it seems a little quiet here in Silent Hill fandom wiki but i'll do my best to contribute interesting fan fiction stories to my fellow silent hill fans.

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  • Mr Bio Shock

    Hello there, I am a frequent Silent Hill WIki user, and I recently decided to try my hand and posting info about my extensive fanfics here. This seems like the perfect place for me! Anyway, just wanting to introduce myself and ask for some suggestions on my surrent project Silent Hill: Hell on Earth

    The plot concerns my OC Daniel Reid, a veteran DEA agent coming to Silent Hill on assignment. He holds a few dark secrets about the more questionable things he has done with the DEA and inevitably becomes dragged into the town and must find a way to redeem himself and stop the Order from bringing their God into the real world once again. He also meets the mysterious (and beautiful) Heather Mason, whom he quickly falls in love with and sees a f…

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  • Somarinoa

    Now, it's not a huge deal nor is it anywhere close to a major reason I frequent this wikia, but I've noticed here (not just here but on all of my other 35 or 36 wikias I frequent) that all the achievements are messed up. I'm curious if anyone else has this problem or if it is just something with my system. Any insight? Here's a list of what my current progress is, so you can see what I am referring to:

    • Trail Blazer—add 5 articles to categories (50/5)
    • And One More Thing—write a comment on 10 different blog posts (3/10)
    • Dedicated—contribute to the wiki every day for 60 days (11/60)
    • Just the Beginning—make 5 edits on articles (82/5)
    • Paparazzi—add 5 pictures to articles (19/5)
    • Welcome to the Wiki—join the wiki (This I know I have already achieved)
    • Intr…
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  • ManicShorty

    New Wiki

    August 4, 2012 by ManicShorty

    Hello, everyone. I'm ManicShorty, a regular user at Silent Hill Wiki. A few of the users from this wiki, myself included, have recently collaborated to create a new one, Silent Hill Theories Wiki . It is another fan-based wiki solely based on theories formulated by fans of the game. Some examples of theories that one could formulate may be if a certain character is actually alive when presumed dead or reasonings behind actions leading to a certain game or event in a game or why there is a recurring object such as a rocking chair or something of that nature.

    The administrators have been working hard to construct it and make it easily accessable and user-friendly and it would be a shame to waste all of that hard work. We are strongly reliant …

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  • Taylorxkakashi


    April 18, 2012 by Taylorxkakashi

    I'm creating a fan fiction called: Silent Hill: The Mist... I need some help on the story.... can you guys help me?

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  • Shfan135

    SH:JART p12

    April 8, 2012 by Shfan135


    I will be making a move to a new site soon, however I will still continue to post on here. Just cause.

    "Oh, f@^%...." mumbled the devasted Jason, "What happened..?"

    "He- he is dead." said Dan, trying to sound somewhat comforting, "I- I'm sorry." Dan scratched his head and then ran his long fingers through his hair, a habit that he had when he was stressed. Dan was staring. He had never seen someone's body- dead cold body before. Jason breathed heavily and turned his back to Dan. He was mumbling something but Dan couldn't make out exactly what he was saying.

    "I'm just going to stay here. Pay my respects t' a good man. A dead man. My brother in law. You can leave, now. good luck with findin' your friend." Jason started to cr…

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  • Shfan135

    SH:JART p11

    March 21, 2012 by Shfan135


    "Uh, Jason, there isn't anybody here."

    "Where the hell is Stanley..."

    "I don't know."

    Dan sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. A hole...a hole was in the room.

    "Jason? Why is there a hole here?"

    "No idea, but maybe if we jump down we will find Stanley..."

    "It's worth a shot."

    The hole wasn't that deep. Maybe 7, 8 feet deep. "It must lead to the basement," Said Dan, "Stanley must have jumped down into it." Dan hopped down, landing hard. "All clear!" Dan yelled up to Jason, "Come on down!" Jason followed, also landing hard on his back.

    The floor was wet and damp. "Best basment ever." Mumbled Dan under his breath as he was wiping off his pants and shirt, "Now my shirt is wet."

    "Dan, ya' got a lighter or some…

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  • Shfan135

    SH:JART p10

    March 21, 2012 by Shfan135


    "Jason!" Screamed Dan, across the hall, "Check upstairs, there might be something there!"

    "Got it." Replied Jason as he walked to the elevator. He pushed the button. Nothing happened, "Hey Dan, this thing ain't workin'. Imma' head up the stair well, kay?"


    Dan sighed. He just wanted to get out of the hospital and get Milica and just leave. But he couldn't leave Jason behind. "Why do I have to be a nice person..." He said, checking another door. A few minutes had passed and he had checked each and every door. He went up to check Jasons progress. The door creaked open and he walked up the stairs, sighing.

    As he was going up the stairs, he heard a strange noise. It was someone screaming. He ran up the rest of…

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  • Shfan135

    SH:JART p9

    March 19, 2012 by Shfan135


    "Stupid? I won't judge. C'mon tell me!"

    "It's- it's nothing. Now can we go?"

    "I will help ya' find your little friend when you tell me what the hell you're talkin' 'bout, and I see my Brother in law."

    "I'm not telling you. You won't belive me and you will think I've gone bonkers."

    Jason just gave up trying to ask Dan and just asked if Dan would help him find where his brother in law was being kept. Dan reluctantly agreed. They walked, checking every door. Most of the locks were broken, a few opened but had nothing inside but dust, but one door was locked. It must have been Stanley's. "What are we gonna' do to open this stupid thing?" asked Jason, "It's sealed tighter than-"

    "Yeah, I get it." Dan was losing his paitence…

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  • Shfan135

    SH:JART p8

    March 18, 2012 by Shfan135


    Dan closed his eyes, his hairs jumping. He felt cold. This thing, it was going to kill him.

    Going to.

    It didn't.

    Instead, a siren blared and the sky turned pitch black, crows flying away to a different place. The cement road was crumbling behind Dan, giving him no chances of going back as the streets dropped into a newly fromed hole behind him. The monster had dissapeared, but other ones had taken it's place. Wheel chairs were scattered, creaking, getting closer to the monsters. The road was big, and Dan had plenty of space to run, so thats what he did.

    He almost slipped, and the monsters were getting closer. Dan was running out of breath and his heavy sprint had lowered to a light jog. He gasped, and took …

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  • Shfan135

    SH:JART p7

    March 10, 2012 by Shfan135

    Huh. Just noticed that when Silent Hill: Just A Regular Town, Right? Spells SH JARTR...weird. I found that annoying, so now it's SH: JART! YAY!


    Dan was left alone, with that weird cops car. He looked inside of it. It was unlocked.

    He saw another gun and ammo for it in a box on the leather seat. Something was etched in this one, too. But this one didn't say Jack Thomms, no, It said "For Linda Thomms". Dan knew that that had to be that cops name. The gun was a pistol, nothing special. Linda had taken her shotgun and Dans other handgun, so Dan took this one. He easily recognized it as a

    He looked around some more inside the car, also taking a hunting knife and some more ammo for the gun. He also saw a flashlight.…

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  • Shfan135


    "You are such a bitch."

    "Shut the hell up, smartass."

    "Jeez Sherrif, You act more like a warden."

    "I told you, Shut up."

    Dan was silent, walking, and the cop was pushing him along. They were getting closer to Her car, Dan could see it in the distance, but it was hard to see, since it was covered in fog around this place. Dan broke the silence, "Where are you taking me?"

    "To the airport. You will stay cuffed and I will take you to Farrin again, and you might have a year or so in prison. Taking out a gun in a public area, Stealing a firearm, escaping from a jailhouse, all that adds up. I wouldn't be surprised if you killed someone here," Replied the cop, "Now get in the car."

    The radio was spitting static again. "What the hell is t…

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  • Shfan135

    PART FIVE: Help Me Someone

    as you can see, I have named this post "Help Me Someone". and from now on, all of the Silent Hill: Just A Regular Town, Right? will have proper titles. :D

    "HELP ME!" Dan cried, "HELP ME! SOMEONE!" as he woke up, In a bowling alley, "This whole town...this whole town has gone to hell! HELP!" No one was there, and he should have stopped, but he kept screaming. The alley was dark, but he could see alright. Dust was floating in the air, and Dan was coughing because of it. He was allergic to dust, and it was terrible in small spaces like this place. He heard the door close behind him, and he swiftly turned around and aimed the shotgun, "Who is there?"

    "Calm down, jailbird." He knew that voice. It was the cop from the jai…

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  • Shfan135


    "Silent Hill. I can't belive i came to Silent Hill cause a dead guy told me to. But he promised Milica was here." Muttered Dan, "Where are you?" He kicked the dirt on the side of the road, feeling isolated and alone. Noone else was there, just fog....Dan felt so scared...Silent Hill was a strange place. He felt like someone-or something was watching him. He felt scared even with a shotgun clutched in his cold hands.

    He looked at the shotgun,

    "Model no. 147 .90 for Jack Thomms"

    Was etched in the side. "Jack Thomms? That's Milicas brother...What the hell..?" He was would a shotgun that Jack used be in a jailhouse? He also didn't know how he was even in Silent Hill. He forgot how he got here. It was like the Town wanted h…

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  • Shfan135


    Dan sighed and lied down on the floor. It was better than his own bed, he thought. An officer showed up, and started talking to Dan. She said some strange things, and then brought up Dan's mug shot on the computer, "Seems like it's not your first time here.." she said, "says here that you were here because you robbed a burger joint?"

    "I have a bit of a drinking habit." He said, and then continued on to say, "Heard of Silent Hill?" The cop shook her head. "I have to get there. quick." She didn't seem to care, and just told him to shut up. Dan did shut up. "Alright, you are gonna stay right here until morning. I really don't care what you say, unless someone bails you out, you aint' going nowhere." She said, Dan didn't reply, but ju…

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  • Shfan135


    "James Sunderland." Dan couldn't get the name out of his head. But he had other things to worry about.

    He grabbed his handgun in his drawer.

    Walked into his bedroom.

    Put the gun to his head.


    Do it, he thought. Your life is pointless anyways. You're nothing but a big piece of shit. Nobody would care. His family was dead. His only friend was dead. So why shouldn't I be?

    He couldn't do it.

    He kept trying to tell himself- pull the trigger. Then it will all be over.

    But suicide wouldn't help him in the slightest bit. He knew this. He took the gun away from his head. He ran. He didn't know why. He ran out of his apartment, and tagged down the nearest taxi. He was headed to the airport, even though he had little money to spend- he didn't …

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  • Shfan135

    Just A Regular Town, Right?

    February 17, 2012 by Shfan135

    so since this is the sh fandom wiki, i thought that i would post some fan stuff. This is about the events after sh2 with James, Laura and some new characters that i made up. Even some dead characters will make a return...the title is...."Silent Hill: Just A Regular Town, Right?" I know, sounds stupid... and now here I go.


    Dan was reading the news paper. "James Sunderland, Found Dead In Touluca Lake" He just read on, getting sucked into this story about this guy. "Frank Sunderland, Father of James, is refusing to talk about his son's sudden death. Mary Sheperd-Sunderland, James wife, went missing shortly before, and was found with James, in his car at the bottom of the lake. Police are suspecting that James killed his wife, and then…

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  • FukuroMan

    Administration request

    January 5, 2012 by FukuroMan

    Firstly who are the Admins on this wiki?

    2nd i would like to apply for admin status

    I am currently making 2 SH Fancomics and 2 SH Fanfictions

    I was wondering since im gonna be doing TONs of editing/posting would this be possible?


    Watashi wa —FukuroMan 19:58, January 5, 2012 (UTC)

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