Golems are large, lumbering monsters in Silent Hill: Requiem.


As the name implies, Golems are large and slow monsters. They are vaguely humanoid in shape, possessing large club like arms with oversized hands that can easily crush any human. They use their tall stature and immense strength to simply slam something until it dies, which more often than not is instantly. Despite being slow, they are capable of leaping over distances to catch up to targets, and can throw large objects, cars for instance, at targets from afar. They are easily outmaneuvered, however they can pound the ground to stun anyone trying to do so, giving them time to turn around. Firearms are generally ineffective against Golems, as it takes an immeasurable amount of ammunition to bring one down, unless being shot with at least a .50 cal to the head, and even then it may take a few shots.