The Reaper is the monster stalking Logan Taylor throughout his journey in Silent Hill. It is, like Pyramid Head, The Butcher, and The Bogeyman, a punisher and executioner, however, it was made for the sole purpose of hunting Logan down and causing as much pain to him as possible physically and mentally, before killing him.


The Reaper's appearance is that of a tall body completely covered in a tattered and bloodstained black cloak. Its face is completely shadowed by its cloak. It had a metal gauntlet on its right wrist and its left shoulder bears four layered metal plates with a blade on each of the plate's edges. The Reaper's signature weapon is a large, heavily bloodstained scythe, completely made out of metal, and with a serrated edge on the top of the blade which it handles by resting it on its back, with one hand on the end of the handle.


The Reaper is a violent and powerful monster, which completely mauls anything that gets in its way. However it is mainly passive toward other monsters under the condition that the monsters don't bother it. The Reaper is naturally incredibly strong, as it is able to wield its scythe with complete ease, and it has shown to have inuman reflexes and agility, as well as being near invincible to any kind of physical attack. Only when The Reaper is in contact with Logan is its true power seen. In these instances it gains incredible speed and power, and will stop at nothing to get to him. From the blackness of its shadowed face appears two blood red glowing eyes, and at this point it enters a state of complete rage and bloodlust. When Logan manages to escape from the Reaper, however, the monster becomes even more enraged and lets out multiple shrill screams and will attempt to find a way to him, no matter what. If it fails to do this however, is goes back to its normal state of wandering around, looking for its target.

Logan can in fact engage in direct combat with The Reaper, but not for very long, as it can overpower him quickly if he is not careful enough.