The Tide is a type of monster Logan Taylor encounters on his venture through Silent Hill.


The Tide is a small insect-like monster about the size of a normal cockroach. Individually they are no threat to Logan at all, however they always appear in large groups, coming at him like a swarm of locusts, forming a completely black wall of buzzing noises. They mainly attack by ramming into Logan as a whole, basically forming a large mallet which can hurt Logan. Individually however, they will attempt to latch onto Logan and bite him, injecting a small amount of poison that doesn't do much harm, however as a group, it can be extremely lethal. Logan eventually discovers that fire is the best way of killing them, as they are afraid of it, and they are extremely combustible. They will even cower away from Logan's flashlight, thinking it is light from fire, however they will quickly catch on and attack.