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    SH:JART p12

    April 8, 2012 by Shfan135


    I will be making a move to a new site soon, however I will still continue to post on here. Just cause.

    "Oh, f@^%...." mumbled the devasted Jason, "What happened..?"

    "He- he is dead." said Dan, trying to sound somewhat comforting, "I- I'm sorry." Dan scratched his head and then ran his long fingers through his hair, a habit that he had when he was stressed. Dan was staring. He had never seen someone's body- dead cold body before. Jason breathed heavily and turned his back to Dan. He was mumbling something but Dan couldn't make out exactly what he was saying.

    "I'm just going to stay here. Pay my respects t' a good man. A dead man. My brother in law. You can leave, now. good luck with findin' your friend." Jason started to cr…

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    SH:JART p11

    March 21, 2012 by Shfan135


    "Uh, Jason, there isn't anybody here."

    "Where the hell is Stanley..."

    "I don't know."

    Dan sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. A hole...a hole was in the room.

    "Jason? Why is there a hole here?"

    "No idea, but maybe if we jump down we will find Stanley..."

    "It's worth a shot."

    The hole wasn't that deep. Maybe 7, 8 feet deep. "It must lead to the basement," Said Dan, "Stanley must have jumped down into it." Dan hopped down, landing hard. "All clear!" Dan yelled up to Jason, "Come on down!" Jason followed, also landing hard on his back.

    The floor was wet and damp. "Best basment ever." Mumbled Dan under his breath as he was wiping off his pants and shirt, "Now my shirt is wet."

    "Dan, ya' got a lighter or some…

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    SH:JART p10

    March 21, 2012 by Shfan135


    "Jason!" Screamed Dan, across the hall, "Check upstairs, there might be something there!"

    "Got it." Replied Jason as he walked to the elevator. He pushed the button. Nothing happened, "Hey Dan, this thing ain't workin'. Imma' head up the stair well, kay?"


    Dan sighed. He just wanted to get out of the hospital and get Milica and just leave. But he couldn't leave Jason behind. "Why do I have to be a nice person..." He said, checking another door. A few minutes had passed and he had checked each and every door. He went up to check Jasons progress. The door creaked open and he walked up the stairs, sighing.

    As he was going up the stairs, he heard a strange noise. It was someone screaming. He ran up the rest of…

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    SH:JART p9

    March 19, 2012 by Shfan135


    "Stupid? I won't judge. C'mon tell me!"

    "It's- it's nothing. Now can we go?"

    "I will help ya' find your little friend when you tell me what the hell you're talkin' 'bout, and I see my Brother in law."

    "I'm not telling you. You won't belive me and you will think I've gone bonkers."

    Jason just gave up trying to ask Dan and just asked if Dan would help him find where his brother in law was being kept. Dan reluctantly agreed. They walked, checking every door. Most of the locks were broken, a few opened but had nothing inside but dust, but one door was locked. It must have been Stanley's. "What are we gonna' do to open this stupid thing?" asked Jason, "It's sealed tighter than-"

    "Yeah, I get it." Dan was losing his paitence…

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    SH:JART p8

    March 18, 2012 by Shfan135


    Dan closed his eyes, his hairs jumping. He felt cold. This thing, it was going to kill him.

    Going to.

    It didn't.

    Instead, a siren blared and the sky turned pitch black, crows flying away to a different place. The cement road was crumbling behind Dan, giving him no chances of going back as the streets dropped into a newly fromed hole behind him. The monster had dissapeared, but other ones had taken it's place. Wheel chairs were scattered, creaking, getting closer to the monsters. The road was big, and Dan had plenty of space to run, so thats what he did.

    He almost slipped, and the monsters were getting closer. Dan was running out of breath and his heavy sprint had lowered to a light jog. He gasped, and took …

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