"Jason!" Screamed Dan, across the hall, "Check upstairs, there might be something there!"

"Got it." Replied Jason as he walked to the elevator. He pushed the button. Nothing happened, "Hey Dan, this thing ain't workin'. Imma' head up the stair well, kay?"


Dan sighed. He just wanted to get out of the hospital and get Milica and just leave. But he couldn't leave Jason behind. "Why do I have to be a nice person..." He said, checking another door. A few minutes had passed and he had checked each and every door. He went up to check Jasons progress. The door creaked open and he walked up the stairs, sighing.

As he was going up the stairs, he heard a strange noise. It was someone screaming. He ran up the rest of the steps, barging through the door. He quickly checked each door to find whoever it was screaming. He finally found Jason in a room being strangled by what looked like a nurse. But that thing wasn't human. Dan took the cops gun out of his pocket and shot at it a few times. It eventually fell down and jason went over and kicked it.

"Is this what you meant by 'service'?" Dan asked and gasped for air.


" see these monsters too?"

"Pretty much, lil' guy."

"Did you find a key?"

"Not one in sight."


"But I did see somethin', it looked like a gun. A magnum. It's in the hall up here. Ya' can't miss it."

"You can have it."

Dan sighed and got back to looking. "I'm gonna go check the third floor, you stay down here." Dan ran into the stairwell, heading up the stairs. Dan didn't ever find a key and neither did Jason. They both arrived back to Stanleys room. "Hey stan! It's me again, Jason. We- we couldn't find you a key. Are ya' sure you can't let us in without a key?"

Stanley didn't reply. Silence filled the dark, wet hospital. Dan and Jason heard the sound of chains falling and a door creaking open. The door to Stanleys room. Nothing was there. No person, no monsters, just some chains and a padlock on the ground.


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