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    SH:JART p7

    March 10, 2012 by Shfan135

    Huh. Just noticed that when Silent Hill: Just A Regular Town, Right? Spells SH JARTR...weird. I found that annoying, so now it's SH: JART! YAY!


    Dan was left alone, with that weird cops car. He looked inside of it. It was unlocked.

    He saw another gun and ammo for it in a box on the leather seat. Something was etched in this one, too. But this one didn't say Jack Thomms, no, It said "For Linda Thomms". Dan knew that that had to be that cops name. The gun was a pistol, nothing special. Linda had taken her shotgun and Dans other handgun, so Dan took this one. He easily recognized it as a

    He looked around some more inside the car, also taking a hunting knife and some more ammo for the gun. He also saw a flashlight.…

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    "You are such a bitch."

    "Shut the hell up, smartass."

    "Jeez Sherrif, You act more like a warden."

    "I told you, Shut up."

    Dan was silent, walking, and the cop was pushing him along. They were getting closer to Her car, Dan could see it in the distance, but it was hard to see, since it was covered in fog around this place. Dan broke the silence, "Where are you taking me?"

    "To the airport. You will stay cuffed and I will take you to Farrin again, and you might have a year or so in prison. Taking out a gun in a public area, Stealing a firearm, escaping from a jailhouse, all that adds up. I wouldn't be surprised if you killed someone here," Replied the cop, "Now get in the car."

    The radio was spitting static again. "What the hell is t…

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    PART FIVE: Help Me Someone

    as you can see, I have named this post "Help Me Someone". and from now on, all of the Silent Hill: Just A Regular Town, Right? will have proper titles. :D

    "HELP ME!" Dan cried, "HELP ME! SOMEONE!" as he woke up, In a bowling alley, "This whole town...this whole town has gone to hell! HELP!" No one was there, and he should have stopped, but he kept screaming. The alley was dark, but he could see alright. Dust was floating in the air, and Dan was coughing because of it. He was allergic to dust, and it was terrible in small spaces like this place. He heard the door close behind him, and he swiftly turned around and aimed the shotgun, "Who is there?"

    "Calm down, jailbird." He knew that voice. It was the cop from the jai…

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    "Silent Hill. I can't belive i came to Silent Hill cause a dead guy told me to. But he promised Milica was here." Muttered Dan, "Where are you?" He kicked the dirt on the side of the road, feeling isolated and alone. Noone else was there, just fog....Dan felt so scared...Silent Hill was a strange place. He felt like someone-or something was watching him. He felt scared even with a shotgun clutched in his cold hands.

    He looked at the shotgun,

    "Model no. 147 .90 for Jack Thomms"

    Was etched in the side. "Jack Thomms? That's Milicas brother...What the hell..?" He was would a shotgun that Jack used be in a jailhouse? He also didn't know how he was even in Silent Hill. He forgot how he got here. It was like the Town wanted h…

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    Dan sighed and lied down on the floor. It was better than his own bed, he thought. An officer showed up, and started talking to Dan. She said some strange things, and then brought up Dan's mug shot on the computer, "Seems like it's not your first time here.." she said, "says here that you were here because you robbed a burger joint?"

    "I have a bit of a drinking habit." He said, and then continued on to say, "Heard of Silent Hill?" The cop shook her head. "I have to get there. quick." She didn't seem to care, and just told him to shut up. Dan did shut up. "Alright, you are gonna stay right here until morning. I really don't care what you say, unless someone bails you out, you aint' going nowhere." She said, Dan didn't reply, but ju…

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